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Fellows of the Society can use the designatory letters FSLL.

Applicants must submit a completed application form including all certificates, proposers and payment details (where relevant).

Please return your completed application form and any supporting documents to [email protected]

Candidates will normally be required to satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Be an existing Member (MSLL) of the Society of Light and Lighting
  • Have held a responsible position in light and lighting or a related field for not less than ten years
  • Have made a significant contribution to light and lighting; this may include a contribution to the work of a professional body
  • Show evidence of a commitment to continuing professional development.

On the rare occasion where there is difficulty judging a written submission, the candidates will be asked to attend an interview.

NOTE: The period of relevant experience in light and lighting may be aggregated over a period, eg five years @ 50% plus three years @ 67% plus half a year @ 100% aggregates to five years full time – please show the percentage of lighting work on the application form where relevant.

Application Forms:

Fellow Application (currently MSLL)

Membership fees
CIBSE Code of Professional Conduct

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