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Resources relating to UV disinfection

Given the current circumstances relating to the coronavirus pandemic, we have received a number of queries relating the use of UV disinfection. CIBSE continues to review and update its advice, with an increasing body of research being published.

We would like to highlight that the following SAGE papers on the topic are available to access for free online:

SAGE Environmental and Modelling Group - Application of UV Disinfection, visible light, local air filtration and fumigation technologies to microbial control

SAGE Environmental and Modelling Group - Role of Ventilation in controlling SARS-CoV-2 Transmission

In addition, CIE has published several technical reports and international standards over the years on the topic of ultraviolet radiation (UVR), how to measure it, its effects and uses - including use as a way of disinfection. 

To support the international community at this time, the CIE is making two of its key publications in this area freely available for the next three months:

CIE 187:2010 UV-C Photocarcinogenesis Risks from Germicidal Lamps and

CIE 155:2003 Ultraviolet Air Disinfection.

The papers discuss the safe use of as well as guidance and risks regarding the use of UV Radiation Disinfection devices.

The papers can be downloaded for a limited period here:

UPDATE: The international experts from the CIE have put together a 10 minute video to support the new CIE Position Statement (PS)  Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation to Manage the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission

Be aware: There are currently being advertised various handheld and static UVC antibacterial and virus "killing" forms of equipment. Whilst in the hands of competent users these are acceptable the CIE, in agreement with the WHO, robustly warns against UV disinfection lamps to sterilize hands or any other area of skin.

In April 2020, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) also released a report on germacidal ultraviolet (GUV). Find out more about this report.

If you have a query or if you would like more information, please contact [email protected].

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