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Special Interest Groups

CIBSE's Special Interest Groups encompass topics that cut across our building services engineering disciplines to provide up-to-date information and resources.

Each group offers a programme of events each year from which you can participate to fulfil your CPD, as well as communicate with their members about the relevant policy and guidance updates for their chosen area of interest. 

Our specialist interest groups are run by committees; teams of volunteers that are elected annually at each group's Annual General Meeting. Group members wishing to become a part of the committee can put their name forward for election when the date is announced to the group. The group chairs sit on the CIBSE Council.

Committees can co-opt members at any point throughout the year. Elected members of group committees do not need to be CIBSE members; they just need to be members of the Special Interest Group. Officer roles (excluding Vice-Chair) do have membership requirements for election. You can find out more about the requirements in the Groups Manual.

You can join a group by visiting and updating your specialist interest groups communications.

You can email [email protected] with any questions. 

Download our flowchart to find out how you can get involved

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Join a Group today for free

To join a CIBSE Special Interest Group login to the MyCIBSE Groups page using the link below and tick the Groups you want to join (you can register if you don't already have an account). 

Please then update your preferences to recieve Your Groups and Networks emails.

Download step-by-step guidance

Join a Group
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Join a Committee

Reasons to join a SIG committee:

  • Increasing your network by meeting like-minded individuals that can mentor you within the context of your special interest and people outside of your local area
  • Attending the committee meetings counts towards CPD and
  • Developing your soft skills including, but not limited to, event organisation; professional writing skills; presentation skills; networking skills, and more!
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Special Interest Group committees are elected at each Group's Annual General Meeting by the members of the Group, that are also CIBSE members. Learn more about CIBSE membership.

The committees work together, developing team working and leadership skills, to produce a programme of events and technical knowledge for their members.

The Group has a seat on the CIBSE Council, which meets three times a year. This is usually taken by the Group chair, but when they cannot attend, another officer of the Group may deputise. The Council is an advisory body, which serves to inform and advise the CIBSE Board of Trustees, and provides a network opportunity for the chairs of the Groups, Societies, CIBSE Regions, YEN and the CIBSE Board.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional committee members, who need not be members of the Institution, to assist in special duties. There is a presumption that willing volunteers who offer to serve on a Group committee will be co-opted.

Download our SIG committee roles guide

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