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CIBSE Building Simulation Awards 2023
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CIBSE Building Simulation Awards 2023

14 Mar 24
Building Simulation Group News

The CIBSE Building Simulation Awards 2023 unfolded as a spectacular live event at Build2Perform in December 2023 shining a spotlight on the remarkable contributions made by sustainability consultants, engineers and young modellers in the dynamic field of building simulation.

CIBSE Building Simulation Group Award winners

Hosted by the CIBSE Building Simulation Group, the ceremony showcased two prestigious awards: the Building Simulation Award and the Building Simulation Young Modeller Award.

Witnessing a record number of submissions in both categories, making it the most competitive year to date, the event attracted submissions from around the globe, encompassing a diverse array of participants, including graduates, sustainability consultants, post-graduate students, and PhD candidates. The submissions spanned various modelling categories, such as energy, thermal environment, ventilation, plant and renewable energy systems, lighting, and urban and micro-climate.

The Building Simulation Award, designed to encourage innovation in building simulation techniques, drew attention to the transformative projects that exemplify excellence. The six finalists included:

  • Dan Benson at Ritchie+Daffin.
  • Dalia Khalil at Dar.
  • Georgios Koronaios at Savills Earth.
  • Julia Macchi at Hilson Moran.
  • Prethvi Raj at TRAJECT Adviseurs & Managers.
  • Ross Boulton at Buro Happold.

CIBSE Building Simulation Group Awards

Georgios Koronaios of Savills Earth claimed the coveted CIBSE Building Simulation Award 2023 for his ‘Integrated Modelling Workflow for Retrofit Building Performance Optimisation. The project, a refurbishment and extension of an existing two-storey office building in Weybridge, implemented various numerous modelling techniques from RIBA Stage 2 to 4 to optimise the performance and adhere to Net Zero Carbon standards including NABERS certification resulting in a 5.5-star rating. Dalia Khalil of Dar and Dan Benson of Ritchie+Daffin were recognised as distinguished runner-ups, further highlighting the depth of talent within the field.

The Young Modeller Award aimed to acknowledge the promising talent within the realm of building simulation. The shortlist featured outstanding individuals, each contributing to the field in unique ways:

  • Divyanshu Sood at University College Dublin.
  • Imogen Brown at Savills Earth.
  • Dr. Renjith Jayapalan Nair at DesignBuilder Software.
  • Youxian HUANG at Foster + Partners.

In a thrilling culmination, Divyanshu Sood of University College Dublin emerged as the winner of the CIBSE Young Modeller Award 2023. Special commendation was also extended to Youxian HUANG at Foster + Partners, recognising her commendable understanding and advocacy for the importance of building simulation.

The judging panel and organisers expressed immense satisfaction in observing how the industry and academic applications of dynamic building thermal simulation have spurred the exploration of advanced modelling techniques. Notably, these endeavours are playing a vital role in shaping integral national and international policies. Anticipation for the upcoming year's awards is already high, with hopes of receiving an increased number of entries from the UK and around the world.

CIBSE Building Simulation Group Awards

Prof. Darren Woolf, the chair of the Building Simulation Group, provided an insightful overview of the group's activities, underlining the commitment to advancing the field and fostering a community of professionals dedicated to building simulation.

The success of the CIBSE Building Simulation Group Awards 2023 would not have been possible without the support of sponsors. DesignBuilder, EDSL Tas, IES, and Monodraught played instrumental roles in ensuring the event's success. Their commitment and contributions underscore the importance of collaboration and support within the building simulation industry.

CIBSE Building Simulation Group Award Sponsors

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