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CHP & District Heating Committee 2023 - 2024

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The CHP & District Heating group is run by a steering committee consisting of:

Huw Blackwell (CHAIR) - Building Energy Solutions
Contact: [email protected]

Minhajuddin Mohammed (SECRETARY) - ENGIE UK

Minhaj is a Senior Project Engineer at Engie UK, where he has been involved in CHP based District Energy projects around the UK. He has several years experience of analysing new and existing District Energy schemes in both technical and commercial terms. He is also certified as Heat Network Consultant. Contact: minhajuddin.mohammed[at]

Adam Wray-Summerson - Clarke Energy
Adam-Bloom - Edina
Andrew Crafter - City of London
Ben Watts - ENGIE UK
Bob Stamp - Alogen
Chris Dunham - Carbon Descent
Chris Marsland - ENER G  
Claire Wych - ADE
Damian Shevloff - COGENCO
David Burke - Clarke Energy
Dave Millet - Edina
Huw Blackwell 
James Kydd - COGENCO
Jeff House - BAXI
John Hyde - ENER G
Jonathan Graham - ADE
Julian Packer - Manchester City Council
Lars Fabricius - SAV
Mark Anderson - ARUP
Mark Kelly - Honeywell
Michael King
Olof Jangsten - Ramboll
Paul Kay - Vital
Peter North - GLA
Rob Boyer - AECOM
Robin Wiltshire - BRE
Sergey Barekyan - Silver
Syed Ahmed - Energy for London
Thomas Briault - ARUP
Tim Rotheray - ADE

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