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Daylight Group Past Presentations

Daylight 308

Daylight Spectra Indoors: Its Measurement and Analysis (10 November 2021)

Aperture-based Daylight Modelling (13 November 2019)

New European Standard for Daylight of Buildings - EN 17037 (30 January 2019)

The Right Light at the Right Time: Redesigning Light for Alertness, Sleep and Health (3 May 2018)

Presentation by Professor Steven Lockley.

Myopia and Daylight in Schools: a Neglected Aspect of Public Health? (3 May 2018)

Presentation by Dr Richard Hobday

WELL & Daylight; CBDM & Health (21 March 2018)

Climate-Based Daylight Modelling (CBDM) for Health & Wellbeing

The WELL Building Standard ver 1 – The Daylight Requirements

Q & A