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Current Knowledge Generation Opportunities

Beta testing:

CIBSE Knowledge is currently seeking volunteers to beta test digital tools. While technical expertise in the area specific to each tool is always welcome, it is not necessary. Our goal is to sense-check the tools, and make sure all of the buttons work as they should. 

We are also seeking volunteers to help us create guidance on the following topics:

  • Revision of Guide B1 Heating, focusing on sizing and system selection
  • Retrofit
  • Electrical loads and power densities, including the electrification of heat and electric vehicle charging
  • Air quality
  • Building physics (thermal comfort)
  • Building physics (ventilation)
  • Smart buildings
  • Climate change risk and services
  • Occupant behaviour

If you would like to be involved in projects on any of the above, or for further information, email [email protected]

This list was last updated on 21st June 2023. 


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