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CIBSE Case Study: David & Lucile Packard Foundation HQ, California, Elementa Consulting
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CIBSE Case Study: David & Lucile Packard Foundation HQ, California, Elementa Consulting

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CIBSE Project of the Year International

Recognising an international project that most effectively demonstrates high levels of used satisfaction and comfort whilst delivering outstanding measured building performance.

David and Lucile Packard Foundation Headquarters, California, USA Elementa Consulting (member of Integral Group)

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In its first year of operation, the imposing David and Lucile Packard Foundation headquarters building in Los Altos, California exceeded all expectations, meeting its zero energy target three months early and becoming a net positive generator of energy.

Elementa Consulting performed MEP engineering, commissioning, and post occupancy verification and tracking of the building performance to ensure Net Zero Energy operation for the building.

At the heart of this exceptionally green two-storey office building is an extremely efficient chilled beam heating and cooling system and a high efficiency air source heat pump with thermal storage. Highly efficient systems together with the building envelope reduce energy demand by 60% over code baseline, while the remaining required power is supplied by onsite photovoltaic power generation. The building operates in natural ventilation mode for half the year. Thermal energy storage, chilled beams, dedicated outside air systems, fully dimmable lighting fixtures, and circuit-by-circuit power monitoring are some of the facility's novel features.

Post-occupancy feedback shows 97% of occupants are satisfied with the building overall, and thermal comfort satisfaction ranks in the 96th percentile.

The success of the design was measured on several fronts. The current in-operation energy use is 68.76kWh/m2/year, and this is expected to decrease further as enhanced commissioning continues. The building confirmed its net positive energy status in 2013, generating 418 MWh of electricity in the first year of operation with on-site photovoltaic rooftop panels. It consumed just 351 MWh of electricity and zero natural gas.

All this has led to the building earning coveted Net-Zero Energy Certification through the International Living Future Institute, a LEED Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council, and an ASHRAE Technology Award.

Project Team:

Building services engineer: Elementa Consulting member of Integral Group
Building owner and occupier: David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Project manager: Rhodes Dahl
Architect and interior designer: EHDD Architects
Mechanical / electrical engineer: Integral Group, Eric Soladay and David Kaneda, Engineers of Record
Contractor: DPR Construction
Facilities manager: Juan Uribe (with Packard Foundation)
Structural engineer: Tipping Mar
Civil engineer: Sherwood Design Engineers
Landscape architect: Joni L. Janecki Associates

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