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DT66.1 Circular Economy Assessment Method: CEAM-Make (2021)
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DT66.1 Circular Economy Assessment Method: CEAM-Make (2021)

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Circular Economy Assessment Method - Make is a comprehensive tool allowing manufacturers to fully engage with the depth of detail required to create a fully circular economy-capable product.

A simpler tool, Circular Economy Assessment Method - Specify, is also available. This is a triage tool for designers, specifiers and engineers, allowing the quick comparison of two or more products.

´╗┐Both CEAM-Make and CEAM Specify can also be downloaded in a bundle along with the TM66 pdf here:

Creating a circular economy in the lighting industry (TM66)

Authors/ developers: Bob Bohannon (The LIA), Kristina Allison (Atkins Global), and Roger Sexton (Stoane Lighting)

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