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KS2: Managing your building services
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KS2: Managing your building services

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This guidance provides facilities managers, and others interested in the management and maintenance of building services, with an introduction to the specialist area of engineering services maintenance within buildings, to assist in the task of managing buildings and their services effectively. It addresses two distinct areas: first, the technical features of building services and secondly the managerial aspects of their operation and maintenance, including compliance with legislation and other regulatory responsibilities placed on the facilities manager.

The publication also provides detailed direction to further sources of information that offer more comprehensive, specialised coverage if required. An outline of common building services and an overview of their primary maintenance requirements are followed by an introduction to the different planned maintenance approaches that can be used for services, explaining common terminology and introducing approaches used to help formulate a maintenance policy.

A section on managing and running your building services covers subjects such as comfort criteria and energy consumption, together with guidance on the selection and appointment of professional maintenance advisers and contractors, and monitoring and auditing building services performance. The next section provides a detailed overview of relevant legislation and regulations together with compliance requirements and the final section provides direction on further sources of information. There is also a comprehensive bibliography and a list of further contacts.


1. Introduction

2. Building services overview

  • Introduction to building services
  • Primary maintenance requirements for common building services

3. Maintenance overview

  • Maintenance policy
  • Maintenance strategy
  • Planned maintenance
  • Main principles of a planned maintenance system

4. Operating and maintaining your building services

  • Requirements and benchmark data
  • Maintenance costs
  • Implementing a maintenance strategy
  • Selecting, appointing and managing professional advisors and contractors
  • Control of maintenance
  • Monitoring performance
  • Risk management

5. Legislation, compliance and good practice

  • Legislation overview
  • Summary of selected compliance requirements
  • Examples of inspection and testing necessary to satisfy statutory requirements

6. Sources of maintenance guidance

7. Bibliography

8. Addresses of relevant organisations

9. Appendix A1: Air conditioning system types

10. Appendix A2: Maintenance audit check sheet

Authors: John Armstrong & Andrew Saville

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