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KS5: Making buildings work
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KS5: Making buildings work

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Occupants of buildings are becoming more conscious and critical of the quality of their living and working environments which in general are provided by the engineering services. Some causes of indoor environment problems can be identified such as poor air quality, defective air infiltration, and inadequate maintenance. Problems can also arise when the client changes their engineering services requirements from those originally specified, designed and installed.

This guide is particularly aimed at facilities managers and others with day to day responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the engineering services in buildings. It is intended to help identify roles and responsibilities, understand the term "comfort", assess the condition of existing plant, provide an overview of fault finding, address how to keep records and how to monitor performance.

Various published guidance has been brought together to address possible reasons why building do not appear to work, and provide constructive ways of identifying likely causes with appropriate remedial actions. It is intended to help those responsible for the engineering services to initiate investigations and follow their progress.


1. Introduction

2. Managing building services
Defining the problem
Overview of comfort

3. Roles and responsibilities of property operators
Risk management

4. Condition surveys - identifying the current situation
Issues to consider in preparing condition surveys

5. The fault finding process
Fault funding procedures
Fault finding

6. Performance monitoring
Building log books

7. Sustainability

Appendix 1: Comfort criteria
Appendix 2: Potential problems
Appendix 3: Energy efficiency checklist



Author: John Armstrong

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