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TM21 Minimising pollution at air intakes (1999)
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TM21 Minimising pollution at air intakes (1999)

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The quality of the indoor air is a crucial parameter in determining the health and comfort of the occupants of a building. Acceptable air quality is achieved by controlling possible contaminates and providing adequate ventilation. TM21: Minimising pollution at air intakes sets out guidance on the nature and characteristics of pollutants in the outdoor air and how these may impact on indoor air quality. In particular, it provides designers with the information that will help in locating ventilation inlets to minimise cross contamination from a range of polluting sources.


1. Introduction
2. Air pollution and air quality
3. Designing to minimise pollution impact
4. Estimating effect of external pollutants on indoor air quality
5. References

Task Group
Members: Steve Irving (Oscar Faber Applied Research); Garry Palmer (Oscar Faber Applied Research); Jagjit Singh (Oscar Faber Applied Research); Sarah Case (Oscar Faber Applied Research)
Contributors: Paul Compton (Colt International Ltd); Peter Day; Mike Duggan (HEVAC); Les Fothergill (DETR); Vina Kukadia (BRE); Earle Perera (BRE); T Williams (BG pic)

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