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TM39 (archived): Building energy metering (2006) (pdf)
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TM39 (archived): Building energy metering (2006) (pdf)

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This edition was superseded in 2009. The current edition can be found here: TM39: Building energy metering (2009).

Contents of the 2006 edition:

1.    Introduction

2.    Benefits of sub-metering

2.1.   General

2.2.   Enhanced Capital Allowances for aM&T

3.    Regulatory requirements

4.    Using this document

5.    Overview of the method

6.    Estimating energy uses

6.1.   Understanding the building’s energy use

6.2.   Benchmarking

7.    The method

7.1.   Developing a metering strategy

7.2.   Worked example

8.    The building log book

9.    Tenancies and district heating

9.1.   Metering tenancies

9.2.   Metering district heating or cooling

10.  Automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T)

11.  Putting the plans into action

11.1. Installation, commissioning and beyond

11.2. Fit-out

11.3. Alterations to plant

11.4. Using meters

11.5. Using the results

11.6. Using demand patterns

12.  Other sources of information

12.1. Further reading

12.2. Useful websites


Appendix A1: Worksheets to support the method

Appendix A2: Extracts from England and Wales Approved Documents 2006 relating to sub-metering

Appendix A3: Frequently asked questions about sub-metering and Part L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales

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