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VSTP Saving the Planet without costing the earth
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VSTP Saving the Planet without costing the earth

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SALE - STOCK CLEARANCE (November 2017)

This is one of a large number of titles being offered to CIBSE members at a huge discount of 50% off RRP


  • Only one copy of each title per person
  • Whilst stocks last
  • Very limited stock available
  • For a limited period only


Many of us are concerned about environmental issues and try to incorporate a 'green' approach into our day-to-day lives - be it using energy saving lightbulbs, making use of recycling facilities or putting a brick in the toilet cistern. However, there is usually much more we can easily do if only if we give it enough thought.

In Saving the Planet Without Costing the Earth, Donnachadh McCarthy explains how to carry out an environmental audit of your life in areas such as waste disposal, gardening and home maintenance, food, work and travel to find out how 'green' you are.

He then offers 500 ingenious yet practical suggestions you can follow to improve your score. What's more, for each idea he details how much it will cost to implement (if anything) and also lists the benefits for the environment and your wallet.

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