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AM10 Natural ventilation in non-domestic buildings (2005)
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AM10 Natural ventilation in non-domestic buildings (2005)

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Please note that AM10 is currently under review.

The original AM10 sought to capture the state of knowledge as it existed in the mid-90s and present it in a form suited to the needs of every member of the design team. Some 10 years on from the time when the initial manual was conceived, the state of knowledge has increased, and experience in the design and operation of naturally ventilated buildings has grown. This revision of AM10 is therefore a timely opportunity to update and enhance the guidance offered to designers and users of naturally ventilated buildings.

The Design Tool for IAQ Analysis spreadsheet described in AM10 can be found here.

Note: this title was reprinted with Corrections in February 2014. 2 amendments have been actioned on the downloadable pdf (as indicated in red):

February 2011 - Page 47 - pressure difference equation corrected

April 2014 - Page 49 - correction made to the results of equaltion4.18



1. Introduction

1.1 General

1.2 Structure of this publication

2. Developing the Design Strategy

2.1 Satisfying design requirements

2.2 Selecting a natural ventilation concept

2.3 Driving the forces for natural ventilation

2.4 Natural ventilation strategies

3. Ventilation Components and System Integration

3.1 From Strategy to Specification

3.2 Ventilation Opening Types

3.3 Internal Obstructions

3.4 Background Leakage

3.5 Window stays and automatic actuators

3.6 Control System

3.7 Installation and Commissioning

4. Design Calculations

4.1 Establishing the required flowrates

4.2 Selecting a ventilation design tool

4.3 Design procedures using envelope flow models

4.4 Input data requirements and selection

4.5 Reservoir Effect




Principal authors: Steve Irving, Professor Brian Ford, David Etheridge

Steering Group: 

Hywel Davies, Derrick Braham, Professor Derek Clements-Croome, David Etheridge, Professor Brian Ford, Professor Michael Holmes, Gary Hunt, Steve Irving, Tony Johnson, Chris Twinn

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