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Knowledge Toolbox

A collection of applications, spreadsheets and data files that help you to do your job. Some of these can be downloaded below, and others will link directly to web tools.

Click on the tool you're interested in to find out more. 

Embodied Carbon Calculator: UK

Supports consultants, researchers and manufacturers in implementing the TM65 embodied carbon methodology

Embodied Carbon Calculator: United Kingdom (beta v1.2)

Embodied Carbon Calculator: ANZ

Supports implementation of the TM65 embodied carbon methodology in Australia and New Zealand

Embodied Carbon Calculator: Australia and New Zealand (beta v1)

Energy Benchmarking Dashboard

Relevant and reliable benchmarks, reflecting current trends in energy use

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Weather Data

Standard weather files to be used in building performance analysis using simulation tools

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CIBSE Air-cleaning Calculator

Compare the efficacy of various air cleaners with methods of natural ventilation for effective air cleaning

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Allows manufacturers to fully engage with the depth of detail required to create a fully circular economy-capable product

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CEAM Specify

Allows for the quick comparison of circular economy implications of two or more products

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Standard Drawing Symbols

A standardised set of drawing symbols that can be applied across the building services sector

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Digital Engineering Series Templates

Free templates provided for use alongside the CIBSE Digital Engineering Series

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Public Health Pipe-sizing Tool


Energy Assessment Tool

Provided with TM22 'Energy assessment and reporting methodology' (2006)

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IAQ Analysis Tool

Provided with AM10 'Natural ventilation in non-domestic buildings' (2005)

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Building Logbook Templates

Provided with TM31 'Building log book toolkit' (2006)

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