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AM13 Mixed mode ventilation systems (2000)
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AM13 Mixed mode ventilation systems (2000)

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Although mixed mode is not a new approach to solving the ventilation dilemma, it is one that is often poorly executed and fails to achieve the hoped-for benefits. AM13: Mixed mode ventilation addresses this problem by providing data based on real-life applications to give the broad level of knowledge required to make strategic decisions about mixed mode systems, and point out specific pitfalls.

Properly designed, mixed mode offers greater building adaptability and longer useful life along with higher occupant satisfaction as it combines the perceived advantages of openable windows with mechanical ventilation this publication shows you how to achieve these goals in practice.


1. Mixed mode: an overview
2. Design principles for mixed mode buildings and systems
3. Exploiting building fabric properties
4. Contingency mixed mode
5. Complementary mixed mode
6. Zoned mixed mode systems
7. Control of mixed mode systems
8. Commissioning considerations for the designer
9. Handover, management and operational consideration for the designer
10. Modelling and modelling techniques
11. Energy and environmental benefit#
12. Window design
13. Thermal comfort issues
14. Terms of appointment
15. Development of the brief
16. Commissioning activities
17. Handover, management, operation and maintenance considerations

Task Group: D Jaunzens (Chair), J Deal, J Bailey, R de Caux, M Buckley (BRE)

Contract Authors: F Alamdari, D Arnold, W Bordass, K Ho, R J Oughton, C Twinn

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