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ASHRAE Handbook: Fundamentals (2017)
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ASHRAE Handbook: Fundamentals (2017)

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The 2017 ASHRAE Handbook-Fundamentals covers basic principles and data used in the HVAC&R industry. Its more than 1,000 pages cover basic principles such as thermodynamics, psychrometrics, and heat transfer, and provide practical guidance on building envelope, indoor environmental quality, load calculations, duct and piping system design, refrigerants, energy resources, sustainability, and more. An accompanying CD-ROM contains all the volume's chapters in both I-P and SI units.

Each chapter has been reviewed by the hundreds of industry experts on ASHRAE Technical Committees, who update chapters to cover current requirements, technology, and design practice. This expert review and revision sets the ASHRAE Handbook apart from other references.

The 2017 edition includes a new chapter's Chapter 36, Moisture Management in Buildings, which presents data on indoor vapor release and measured indoor/outdoor vapor pressure/concentration differences, and discusses moisture sources and sinks that can reduce materials' durability, as well as the negative effects of insufficient or excessive indoor relative humidity.

Chapter 14, Climatic Design Information, now contains temperature and humidity design conditions and related information for 8118 locations in the U.S., Canada, and other countries around the world- that's 1675 more locations than the 2013 edition, and more than 2500 added locations compared to the 2009 edition. That's more of the climate data you need for load and energy calculations.

For your load calculations, Chapter 18, Non-residential Cooling and Heating Load Calculations, has new design data for lighting power densities, motors, kitchen equipment, LED lighting, walls and roofs, and an updated example calculation.

An accompanying searchable CD-ROM contains PDFs of all the volume's chapters in both I-P and SI units, so you can find the information you need quickly
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