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BBG39/11 Thermal Imaging Of Building Fabric
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BBG39/11 Thermal Imaging Of Building Fabric

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BG39/11 (BG39/2011) replaces the previous edition (TN09/2002) and includes information on updates to building regulations, advances in camera technology and improved methods of analysing images. It aims to help people involved in constructing, owning and operating buildings with obtaining the thermal imaging they need and gaining an understanding of the information that can be obtained. Thermal imaging is the best way to assess continuity of insulation or locate air leakage paths in a completed building. This helps project teams comply with the Building Regulations, specifically Part L. BREEAM credits are awarded for thermal imaging surveys of new buildings providing defects are addressed. This guide is referenced by the National Building Specification, the Technology Strategy Board, and the British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing's PCN scheme.

Contents: include: The need for thermal imaging - Thermal performance of buildings - What to expect from a thermographic survey - How to choose a thermographer - Different approaches to the survey - How to interpret the results - Supplementary testing - Expected report contents.
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