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BBG49/15 Commissioning Air Systems (2015)
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BBG49/15 Commissioning Air Systems (2015)

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£80.00  +VAT
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£64.00  +VAT


BG 49/2015 explains how to commission ducted air distribution systems in buildings. The commissioning process mainly comprises the setting to work of the system fans and the regulation of system flow rates.

The 2013 edition was published to reflect amendments to Part F and Part L of the Building Regulations, technological advances in plant and equipment and the increasing importance being placed on commissioning. This 2015 edition provides the same guidance as the 2013 edition. It also incorporates changes to some of the descriptions and detail made as a result of feedback on the 2013 edition received from BSRIA member companies.

This guide explains how to carry out procedures in order to comply with the standards outlined in CIBSE Commissioning Code A (which sets out the normal standards of good practice accepted by the building services industry).

Chapters cover:

  • Design for commissionability
  • Commissioning facilities
  • The installation of commissionable systems
  • Site test instruments
  • On-site flow measurement techniques
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Example methods statements
  • Documentation

Editable Word versions of the pro-formas are attached to the pdf of this guide, and are available as a free download to anyone purchasing a hard copy of the guide.

This guide now comes with a copy of Domestic Ventilation Systems - a guide to measuring airflow rates (BG 46/2015), in order to provide additional information on low pressure domestic systems.

This guide is also available as part of our set of 7 Commissioning guides which provide guidelines on all aspects of commissioning. Only £199/£99 to BSRIA members.

Revision History

The original predecessor of this publication was AG 3/89 Commissioning Air Systems, published in 1989. This was superseded in 1992 by AG 3/89.1, which was superseded by AG 3/89.2 (year not known), and again in 2001 by AG 3/89.3. Also, AG 1/91 Commissioning of VAV systems in Buildings was published in 1991. Both AG 3/89.3 and AG 1/91 were superseded in 2013 by BG 49/2013 Commissioning Air Systems. This was in turn superseded in 2015 by BG 49/2015.

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