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BTN08/98 Refurbishment of Air Conditioned Buildings (2013)
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BTN08/98 Refurbishment of Air Conditioned Buildings (2013)

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It has been demonstrated in a number of case study buildings that it is possible to maintain a comfortable environment when refurbishing without resorting to full mechanical ventilation or cooling.

This publication presents guidance for refurbishing air conditioned buildings to utilise natural ventilation, where consideration is being given to the removal of mechanical ventilation and/or mechanical cooling plant. This guidance is also particularly appropriate where conventional naturally ventilated buildings are to be upgraded to incorporate passive cooling techniques. Does not preclude the use of mechanical ventilation as part of a mixed mode solution.

Contents: Initial assessment, Reducing heat gains, Noise attenuation, Ventilation design, Natural ventilation strategies for deeper plan spaces, Using the thermal capacity of the building fabric, Mixed mode or hybrid buildings, Operational guidance, Case studies.

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