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BUCC Understanding the Construction Client
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BUCC Understanding the Construction Client

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This book breaks new ground by creating a framework to understand clients' actions and needs. Most construction management books focus on improving the construction process; this one focuses on a better engagement with the client.

It challenges conceptions of both the construction industry and clients' businesses so that a more effective process and greater client satisfaction can be achieved. The book suggests that 'buildings are not about building but about changing and developing the client'. The technical, organisational and psychological aspects of this are described and analysed in detail so that current experience can be explained and better practice determined.

The book offers well-researched information about clients in a number of sectors - developers, supermarkets, NHS, government, airports and housing associations - which will help you understand what these client's business or service needs are and how construction fits into this. It demonstrates how to develop an appreciation of the client's perspective with a toolkit for ensuring successful client engagement. This makes "Understanding the Construction Client" a user-friendly and practical guide, as well as significant text for academia.


Preface : buildings are not about building!
Clients in perspective
A model of clients
The client at rest
The client in change
Property developers as clients
Supermarkets as clients
NHS acute trusts as clients
Governments as clients
Airports as clients
Housing associations as clients
A toolkit for engagement

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