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Combined Heat and Power Product Data Template (PDT)
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Combined Heat and Power Product Data Template (PDT)

Standard Rate

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The comment period for this Product Data Template is now open.

Download Combined Heat and Power PDT (Excel file)

Deadline for comments is 1 July 2016.

Comments can be lodged online using the form below or emailing [email protected]
These templates are offered without any warranty but with the intention that corrections or improvements will be incorporated where possible: CIBSE welcomes any comments, corrections or suggested improvements, and it particularly invites professional and trade associations to review the templates relevant to their sectors.
You will receive acknowledgement that your comments have been submitted. At the present time, CIBSE cannot provide responses to individual comments.

Further Information 

For more information on Product Data Templates or if you would like to support or develop a PDT for the product ranges your company covers, please contact Pom Daniells at [email protected]

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