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CCB Commissioning Code B: Boilers (2002)
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CCB Commissioning Code B: Boilers (2002)

Standard Rate
£80.00  +VAT
Member Rate
Standard Rate
£100.00  +VAT
Member Rate
£50.00  +VAT

Boilers and their associated equipment have evolved dramatically over the last 25 years and Commissioning Code B has been comprehensively revised to take account of these changes. The new Commissioning Code reflects modern technology and statutory changes, as well as the growing realisation that many key decisions relating to the construction process are taken in the very early stages of a project. The Code therefore gives the strongest encouragement to designers and clients to consider commissioning and to seek specialist input from the start.


  • Introduction
  • Safety issues
  • Design for ease of commissioning
  • Specification issues
  • Commissioning project management
  • Sequence of commissioning
  • Planning and programming
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Verification and inspection, activation, dry and live runs
  • Operation and calibration
  • Recording data, reporting and training
  • System handover
  • Appendices: instrumentation and calculations; guidance on the design of boiler log books

Authors: J Armstrong, G T Machin

Steering Committee: Bryan Franklin (chair); Peter Davey (Haden Young); Peter Day; Mike Duggan (Federation of Environmental Trade Associations - FETA); Andrew Ford (Fulcrum Consulting, for DTI); Gordon Hudson (University of Northumbria); Stephen Laws (Clyde Boilers); Martin Lowe (Commissioning Specialists Association); George Moss (C R Burgess Commissioning Ltd.); Kevin Pennycook (BSRIA Ltd); Dr Hywel Davies (CIBSE Research Manager)

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