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Energy Benchmarking Dashboard

The CIBSE Energy Benchmarking Dashboard presents a new methodology for producing energy benchmarks in a dynamic, graphical format with interactive features, allowing you to access regional as well as national benchmarks. You can access the Dashboard by filling in the registration form at the bottom of this page. 

Energy benchmarks can assist with the evaluation of operational energy use, and provide valuable support in making informed decisions relating to the design and operation of buildings.

Most of the benchmarks available via the dashboard are taken directly from Table 20.1 of CIBSE Guide F Energy efficiency in buildings, but CIBSE's aim is to gradually update and replace this data. Revised benchmarks have already been introduced for some building types - further detail is available via the list of linked resources below, and the source is specified in the 'Building Type' section of the Dashboard. 

Building types covered by the Dashboard include:

  • Education – Schools
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitals
  • Local Authority Buildings
  • Offices
  • Primary health care
  • Public buildings
  • Sports and recreation
  • Domestic
  • Prisons
  • Higher education

A five-year collaboration between CIBSE and UCL aims to revise as many of the energy benchmarks of the existing building types as possible, and to add new building types (e.g. domestic) whenever new datasets become available. Work is also underway to further develop the Dashboard, allowing for a more interactive user interface with personalised profile pages and exemplar case studies.

Find out more about the new tool by watching the webinar below.


You can access the webinar slides here: Energy Benchmarking Tool Webinar Slides - 29.7.19

Version history:

  • June 2021, new domestic energy benchmarks added
  • April 2021, new higher education energy benchmarks added
  • January 2021, new prison energy benchmarks added

Additional resources

If you have any comments or feedback on the Energy Benchmarking Dashboard, please email [email protected].

Benchmarking Registration

CIBSE’s Energy Benchmarking Tool is an online platform which uses energy data as it becomes available to provide relevant and reliable benchmarks that represent the current trends of energy use in buildings.

Access via this form.  More on the tool below.

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