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Knowledge Generation Panel

The Knowledge Generation Panel is responsible for identifying the future knowledge requirements of the Institution and for recommending new knowledge development projects, which may include updating current guidance, to the committee.

The Panel should be drawn from a wide cross-section of the membership in terms of discipline, location and diversity of those involved.

The activities of the Knowledge Generation Panel support the functions of the Knowledge Management Committee.

Terms of Reference

  1. To review the core content of CIBSE Knowledge and to develop a prioritised timetable and programme for review and update of that content.
  2. To consider the requirements for new CIBSE Knowledge, taking into account both the objective need for the information and the likely market and demand for that information.
  3. ​To identify and recommend priorities for projects to support the production of new content for the Knowledge Portal, in liaison with the Technology Committee, the Education, Training & Membership Committee and the Groups and Divisions of the Institution.
  4. ​To recommend proposals for the support of projects through the CIBSE Research Fund and the Richard Tully Fund to the Knowledge Management Committee.

Committee Constitution

Committee members should represent a range of age, gender, background, experience and expertise, and include participation from different sectors and specialisms involved in the performance of buildings throughout their whole lifecycle.

  • The Knowledge Generation Panel comprises around 20 members. 
  • Members are appointed for a three year period. At the end of this period, they may be reappointed for a further three year period, however, a balance between retaining expertise and bringing in fresh ideas is sought. 
  • The Board is responsible for appointing members of the panel but may delegate this responsibility to the Knowledge Management Committee.
  • The Chair of the panel is normally appointed by the Knowledge Management Committee.

Member Appointment

To be considered for appointment to the Knowledge Generation Panel, applicants should normally be in full membership of CIBSE or of one of the Divisions or Societies and must be able to commit their time to participate in meetings, either in person or remotely. Applications from affiliate members or non-members will be considered by exception.

Attributes of members include:

  • Enthusiasm for championing all aspects of building performance.
  • Awareness of sector knowledge needs and the latest developments in industry.
  • Creative thinking about knowledge creation and delivery and a collaborative mindset.
  • Experience in using or contributing to CIBSE knowledge, guidance and research.

Application to join the Committee requires submission of a CV and short personal statement.


  • The Knowledge Generation Panel will meet two times a year, usually at the CIBSE Technical Symposium (Spring) and Build2Perform Live (Autumn). In between those meetings, the panel will work remotely using online collaborative tools and virtual meetings.
  • The Committee will be supported by the CIBSE Knowledge and Technical staff.

Panel Membership

Simon Wyatt, Cundall

Briony Turner, CMIP International Project Office
Keith Horsley, Hoare Lea

Other Members:
Adam Tyler, Domestic Building Services Panel 
Amad Kiyani, Historic England
Andrew Krebs, Ramboll
Anna Mavrogianni, University College London
Antoinetta Canta, Arup
Becci Taylor, Arup
Carl Collins, CIBSE
Caroline Cattini, Historic England
Chris Iddon, Nottingham University
Clara Bagenal George, Elementa Consulting
Clare Murray, Levitt Bernstein
Curtis Gubb, Cundall
Darren Coppins, Built Physics
Dejan Mumovic, University College London
Derek Clements-Croome, University of Reading
Edwin Wealend, Longevity Partners
Eleonora Brembilla, Delft University of Technology
Hannah Muller-Jones, Buro Happold
Helen Newman, CBRE
Isabelle Smith, Atkins
John Fitzpatrick, Consultant
Keith Jones, National Trust
Kristina Allison, Atkins
Lauma Balina, Max Fordham
Luke Osborne, Electrical Contractors' Association
Marcella Ucci, University College London
Marianne Heaslip, Urbed
Mark Dowson, Buro Happold
Matt Eames, University of Exeter
Mehdi Shahrestani, University of Reading
Richard Smith, Carbon Smith
Sani Dimitroulopoulou, Public Health England
Sebastien Loreau, UCLouvain
Sung-Min Hong, University College London
Suzana Zekic, London South Bank University
Tony Day, International Energy Research Centre
Tom Randall, Arup 
Yangang Xing, University of Nottingham

Director Responsible: Simon Parker
Department: CIBSE Services

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