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CIBSE Knowledge Blogs

What happens ‘behind the scenes’ of CIBSE Knowledge? Take a look at it yourself and discover insights about your favourite publications and their authors with the new CIBSE Knowledge blog-interview series: 'CIBSE Knowledge - Behind the scenes: an interview with....'


CIBSE Knowledge - Behind the scenes: an interview with the authors of 'Heat pump installations for multi-unit residential buildings' (AM16)

"Because the delivery of heat pumps is so important in the decarbonisation of the UK economy, it was important to us that this guide would help people get their decision making and design decisions right so that they are designing and delivering successful heat pump installations that provide affordable, low-carbon heat to people’s homes." Read more

Get to know your CIBSE authors and trainers - Louise Hamot & Clara Bagenal George 

"If you are passionate about a specific area, start to engage with others about it and start writing and speaking about it. For us, this journey started with a technical symposium paper and giving a range of talks which eventually led to collaborating with CIBSE on the development of this TM. In a nutshell, we would say: start small, be bold, collaborate and listen to others." Read more

CIBSE Knowledge - Behind the scenes: an interview with Roz Burgess, author of 'Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens' (TM50)

“It's 12 years since the first publication; awareness and understanding have changed but there remains a requirement to drive energy efficiency in commercial catering forward. It’s not sufficient to just use ‘Old school thinking’ and throw in a few ‘green’ words; energy efficiency needs to be a fundamental element of any and all projects." Read more