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To reproduce text, images or diagrams from a CIBSE Knowledge publication, you must obtain our permission. Please do so using this form: CIBSE Knowledge Permission Request Form
Please note that if you do not intend to publish your final work - for example, if it is a dissertation or thesis that will be submitted academically but not published - you do not need to request permission. Simply acknowledge your use of all CIBSE content, and ensure that the relevant CIBSE publication or publications appear in your reference list. 

Order enquiries

If you have ordered a hard copy publication and would like to check the status of your order, email  

Knowledge enquiries

If you have spotted a discrepancy in a CIBSE publication, or need clarification from the author, please email

Technical enquiries

For technical enquiries not related to CIBSE publications, please email

Generation of CIBSE Knowledge and Research

To find out more about how CIBSE Knowledge is created, or to get involved, see our Knowledge Generation page. To find out more, contact: 
Eileen Bell, Senior Knowledge Manager

To find out more about CIBSE Research projects, see our Research pages. To find out more, contact:
Dr Anastasia Mylona, Head of Research