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Building Performance Consultancy of the Year 2017 Elementa Consulting

Building Performance Consultancy of the Year 2017 Elementa Consulting

Building Performance Consultancy of the Year (up to 100 employees) - Elementa Consulting

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Elementa Consulting is a shining example of exceptional drive and masterful project execution. With almost three decades of successful domestic and international projects under its belt, the business has demonstrated a rich understanding of – and innovative approach to – building services design.

Elementa is guided by its vision – what it calls ‘deep green engineering’ (imagine, perform, accelerate, sustain) – and its values (trust, nurture, inspire). These words are far more than mere unsupported assertion – the company sees itself as an agent of change, striving to design buildings that are popular, have high levels of performance but, most importantly, demonstrate outstanding occupant satisfaction and wellbeing.

With offi ces in London and Oxford, Elementa’s 70-strong team of building services engineers and sustainability consultants has a solid reputation for close collaboration and design excellence.

It certainly doesn’t lack ambition; it said in its awards entry: “We believe that net-positive energy buildings and living buildings need to become the norm within a generation.”

On top of this, Elementa has a bone-deep commitment to protecting the environment. It said:
“The sustainability movement can only work if many people make lots of changes around the world and we commit to being a part of that. Buildings have a major part to play, the science is settled – it’s not the sun, sea, volcanoes etc. Making a difference in the world will come from leadershipin the world, in particular from our industry.”

These words are also backed by action – representatives from Elementa attended the Paris Climate Change Conference and made a solemn pledge under COP21. The business makes direct impacts and influences how people use buildings. It has a powerful belief that wellbeing, behaviour and efficiency go hand in hand and are working to infl uence all facets of building construction/use.

Although it does remarkably complex work, Elementa always looks to simplify its processes in order to make quality early decisions enabling integrated implementation. It doesn’t want simply to measure,but also to influence, to be exciting and dynamic, and to explain complex problems while applying effective, innovative solutions.

In short, Elementa is a trailblazing consultancy, pushing boundaries, offering creative solutions to a host of building services challenges, and providing a world-class learning and working environment for all its staff.