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Building Performance Training Programme Award BREEAM Associate - BRE Academy

Building Performance Training Programme Award BREEAM Associate - BRE Academy

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BRE is on a critical mission – to build a better world together with its partners in the UK and beyond. To this end, its training arm – the BRE Academy – has developed an inventive collaborative training programme called ‘BREEAM Associate’.

Created with the input of 10 partner organisations from across the construction supply chain, the course has a distinct and ambitious objective – to enable built environment professionals to embed BREEAM sustainability principles into their development projects from the outset.

The new scheme, the first of its kind in the UK, was developed in response to feedback from BREEAM users which highlighted how even better performance results could have been achieved on development projects if they had embedded BREEAM expertise within their teams. Developed by BRE in collaboration with global industry experts and in partnership with some of the sector’s leading knowledge providers, the course offers a gateway to the new skills, practices and knowledge that are vital for achieving a built environment rooted in the best long-term social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Designed to enhance the way the international sustainability standard BREEAM is applied to developments, the course ranges from an explanation of the underlying principles of BREEAM and the process of applying it to managing risk at all stages from pretender to completion.

Its benefits include enabling proactive planning and providing awareness of opportunities for high performance at low cost against a range of parameters including health and wellbeing, energy efficiency, waste, water, pollution, materials, ecology and transport.

The course is aimed at design teams, construction teams, architects, engineers, project managers, value engineers, procurement, and those with an interest in environmental assessment and BREEAM. It is an entry level course and delivers a CPD certifi cate for 30 hours learning. 

The course content has been designed with input from more than 400 industry professionals across the supply chain, many of whom are now rolling it out to their full teams and using it as compulsory induction training for new team members.

The online examination takes 30 minutes and consists of 40 multiple choice and true-false style questions. The BREEAM Associate title and badge of recognition are presented upon successful completion of the examination.