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Knowledge-based Energy Management of Swire Properties Hong Kong

Knowledge-based Energy Management of Swire Properties Hong Kong

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Knowledge-based Energy Management of Swire Properties Hong Kong

Swire Properties Hong Kong portfolio comprises 17 Grade A office buildings, four large retail malls, two service apartment hotels and two hotels over 14 million sq ft. Implementing an impressive knowledge-based energy management system has enabled Swire Properties to develop a plan to target reductions in energy usage by an astounding 64 GWh of electricity a year (26%) by 2020 for its Hong Kong portfolio of properties (with 2008 as the baseline). This equates to a potential carbon emissions reduction of 44,800 tonnes per year.

A building-by-building review of energy saving opportunities has led to chillers being replaced by higher efficiency versions, retrofitting lighting with more effi cient lamps, and installing timer lighting systems equipped with sensors to detect occupancy and light levels. This integrated design approach has been adopted in all Swire’s new developments, creating a platform to share knowledge between stakeholders – including designers, users and operators – early in the design stage.

Swire Properties set realistic targets by evaluating its existing building performance data, and established robust management systems as well as comprehensive energy and EHS (environmental, health and safety) database systems. Strong results have already been achieved. For example, five chillers in Devon House, one of Swire Properties’ Grade A office buildings, were replaced with more energy efficient ones in 2014. As a result, more than 1.4 GWh/year (equivalent to 980 t CO2/year) energy saving was made.

Indeed, up to 2015, more than 42 GWh/year (equivalent to 29,400 t CO2/year) has already been saved in Swire Properties’ Hong Kong portfolios compared with 2008. The absolute reduction by 2015 was 33 GWh/year (equivalent to 23,100 t CO2/year) compared with 2008 even though the operating area was increased by 8%. Most of Swire Properties Hong Kong buildings have achieved a platinum rating under the Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM), Hong Kong’s rating tool for green buildings. BEAM evaluates building performance under six categories – site aspects, material use, energy use, water use, indoor environmental quality and innovation. In 2013, they were also certifi ed against ISO 50001 for their Energy Management Systems.

Swire Properties environmental management plan, meanwhile, establishes guidelines to help the company monitor indoor air quality and drinking water quality in its buildings for the health and safety of the tenants and customers. The company cut potable water consumption between 2011 and 2015 by 22%.