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Energy Efficient Product or Innovation of the Year Sentinel Kinetic Advance

Energy Efficient Product or Innovation of the Year Sentinel Kinetic Advance

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Energy Efficient Product or Innovation of the Year
Sentinel Kinetic Advance - Vent-Axia

Sentinel Kinetic Advance is a new breed of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) ventilation system, developed by Vent-Axia, which combines unparalleled performance with exceptional ease and speed of installation.

Perfect for care homes, student accommodation and new-build residential homes, Advance extracts warm, moist air from wet rooms through ducting which passes through the heat exchanger before being exhausted outside. Fresh incoming air is preheated via a clever integral heat exchanger which recovers more than 93% of the heat energy that would otherwise be wasted.

The Advance is claimed to be the best performing MVHR unit in its class, with a specifi c fan power of 0.38 W/l/s. It also has an airflow of 100 l/s at 150 Pa with trickle settings of up to 40%, and it is extremely quiet, staying below 20 dBA. 

The unit’s ingenious WiFi enabled app control simplifies and accelerates installation /
commissioning; gives occupiers precise control of indoor air quality and offers BMS (Building Management System) connectivity. On top of this, Advance’s summer bypass helps mitigate overheating in thermally effi cient buildings.

A state-of-the-art electronically commutated motor combined with the sculpted interior offers high performance by maximising airflows and minimising noise and energy usage. Indeed, Vent-Axia has achieved the Holy Grail of high performance ventilation by producing a unit that offers both high efficiency and low noise levels. Its impressive efficiency is designed to cut carbon emissions by signifi cantly more than competitor units and the benefitsdon’t stop there.

In the new build residential market, the Advance can offer a signifi cant reduction in Dwelling Emission Rating (DER).

• App/WiFi connectivity to control the indoor air quality of the accommodation and allows
installers to signifi cantly speedup commissioning by altering the fan speed via the app.
• A multitude of features available in one MVHR system allowing specifi cation of features from a menu of options.
• Advance is ‘handed’ left or right through the controller resulting in less inventory for
stockists and on site, fewer errors, simpler stock ordering and easier installation.