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  • PublisherCIBSE
  • Product CodeDE7
  • Number of pages20
  • Publication DateSep 2017
  • ISBN9781912034017

DE7: Organisation Information Requirements


PDF Format




PDF Format



DE7: Organisation Information Requirements

DE7, part of CIBSE's Digital Engineering Series, is intended for those that specify, commission and use Organisation Information Requirements documents (OIRs). This guidance note is written in reference to PAS 1192-3:2014. A free-to-all template associated with DE7 is available, and is intended to help users put theory into practice.

An OIR document may take any one of a number of forms; there is no prescribed right or wrong way of creating an OIR. The information that is required by an organisation is that which is relevant to the stakeholders in the function of said organisation. 

This guide is written to cover only those aspects of an OIR that would pertain to the building services and their related systems in terms of a constructed asset. There is no attempt here to provide guidance on more general information requirements for operation of a business or other organisation type. The OIR document should set out to ask for specific information and data relating to an asset or assets owned or operated by the organisation. This set of requirements will feed into the more asset specific Asset Information Requirements (AIR) document. 

The purpose of the OIR is to determine the information requirements for the asset management system or other organisational functions, and facilitate the passage of that information.

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Contents of DE7

  • Standards relating to OIRs
    • BS ISO 55000
    • PAS 1192-3
    • General principles
  • Use of OIR
    • Assets in use
    • Asset creation or major works
  •  Creation of the OIR
    • Template
    • Topics
    • Legal information
    • Commercial information
    • Financial information
  •  Activities defining OIRs
    • Manage Asset Portfolio
    • Manage Asset Systems
    • Manage Assets
    • Create
    • Utilise
    • Maintain
    • Renew/ Dispose
    • Classification


Carl Collins - Consultant to CIBSE


Martin Howe – Crown House Technologies
Andrew Krebs – Hoare Lea
Dr Hywel Davies – CIBSE
BEAMA BIM Steering Group