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  • PublisherASHRAE
  • Product CodeADCSHW
  • Number of pages328
  • Publication DateNov 2013
  • ISBN9781936504527

ADCSHW District/central solar hot water systems design guide









ADCSHW District/central solar hot water systems design guide

ASHRAE District/Central Solar Hot Water Systems Design Guide The District/Central Solar Water Heating Systems Design Guide provides recommendations on optimal and reliable configurations of solar water heating systems in different climates, with design specifications, planning principles, and guidelines for these systems.

The guidelines are complemented by numerous case studies of successfully implemented solar supported thermal networks along with results of exemplary simulations of different system options based on real world scenarios. This book also discusses the benefits and disadvantages of large-scale centralized versus decentralized solar thermal systems.

1. Introduction

2. Solar Energy
2.1 Solar radiation intensity
2.2 Cloud cover
2.3 Site latitude
2.4 Orientation to path of sun
2.5 Shading
2.6 Collector placement within a building cluster

3. Solar Hot Water Thermal System
3.1 Collector performance indices
3.2 Types of hot water solar systems 3.3 Solar thermal energy collectors
3.4 Heat transfer fluid
3.5 Piping arrangements
3.6 Storage tank
3.7 Heat exchangers
3.8 Pumps
3.9 Expansion tank
3.10 Back-up/supplemental heater
3.11 Controls

4. DOD Installation Solar Hot Water Applications
4.1 Areas of potential Army use
4.2 Building hot water demands
4.3 Basic solar system design
4.4 Cost effectiveness
4.5 Case studies

5. Design Considerations
5.1 Collector site placement
5.2 Structural (foundation)
5.3 Mechanical
5.4 System startup considerations

6. System Maintenance
6.1 General maintenance
6.2 Glycol fluid care

References Acronyms and Abbreviations

A: Solar Hot Water Case Studies
B: Examples of Design Options (Fort Bliss / Fort Bragg)
C: Market Price Scenario Europe
Climate related Economic Comparisons of Solar Systems
D: Sample SRCC Rating Page (Flat-Plate Collector)