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  • PublisherBESA
  • Product CodeHVDW172
  • Number of pages88
  • Publication DateJan 2018
  • ISBN0903783290

HVDW172 Standard for Kitchen Ventilation Systems 2018









HVDW172 Standard for Kitchen Ventilation Systems 2018

This is the 2nd edition of DW172, published in January 2018

NO LONGER AVAILABLE from CIBSE. Please go to BESA direct for this title here

In 1999, the BESA (HVCA) Standard for Kitchen Ventilation Systems (DW/171) was introduced to the industry. In 2005 it was revised and rebadged as DW/172 Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems. Since then it has sold over 6,000 copies. More importantly, it has become widely acknowledged as the authoritative specification for kitchen ventilation design throughout the UK and many parts of the world.

Like any specification, however, it needs to be revised in the light of new thinking, technical advancements and innovation. This review process has now been completed by the BESA Ventilation Group and the 2018 version of DW/172 has been updated to reflect current legislations and the latest cooking techniques and design of catering equipment, by all sections of the catering industry.

Among the many amendments and clarifications contained in the new document, the following are worthy of particular note.

• The appliance Coefficient Schedule has been significantly expanded and modified

• Modification to Grease Separation

• The lighting section has been modernised

• New section for Solid Fuel Equipment

• New section for Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation systems.

• Gas Interlocking

• Modifications to Pollution Control

• New section for Recirculation Systems

• Modifications to Cleaning and Maintenance

• Control Panels

All other sections have been revised and updated in the hope and expectation that BESA’s Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems DW/172 (2018) will continue to be widely used and respected by all sectors in the catering industry.

Purchases of this title made direct from BESA do benefit from a free pdf copy of the title. CIBSE cannot replicate this.

Please note that on 1 March 2012, the HVCA (Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association) changed its name to B&ES - the Building and Engineering Services Association. and then to BESA - The Building Engineering Services Association - in 2016.