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  • PublisherDBSP
  • Product CodeHVRH
  • Number of pages32
  • Publication DateMar 2010
  • ISBN9781906846084

HVRH Rainwater Harvesting Design & Installation Guide









HVRH Rainwater Harvesting Design & Installation Guide

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The Rainwater Harvesting Design & Installation Guide covers rainwater harvesting systems for domestic dwellings.

This publication is the result of work undertaken by the Domestic Building Services Panel of CIBSE. The Panel identified the requirement for rainwater harvesting systems for domestic dwellings and saw the need for an up-to-date design and installation guide covering the subject. The Panel firmly believes that a large number of plumbing contractors are interested in becoming more involved with the science of their trade.

This Guide provides a straightforward means of achieving this without the need for prior technical training, and may be used as a text book for domestic rainwater harvesting training courses. It will also form the platform for further aids to design work, including the use of electronic technology. The design standards in this Guide remain those arrived at by the drafting group as being appropriate for use in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


1. Introduction
2. Overview
3. Systems
4. Equipment
5. Working principles
6. Controls
7. Designing the system
8. Installation
9. Commissioning
10. Troubleshooting
11. Maintenance
12. Health & Safety considerations
Appendix A Directives, regulations and standards Appendix B Glossary
Appendix C Specimen commissioning sheet
Appendix D Details of organizations from whom this guide is available

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