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CIBSE Case Study: Sainsbury's Project Graphite, LED lighting programme

CIBSE Case Study: Sainsbury's Project Graphite, LED lighting programme

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Ligthing for Building Performance Award (Joint Winner 2015)


Sainsbury's Supermarkets' Project Graphite demonstrates a significant commitment to working in conjunction with major suppliers to develop and implement LED lighting at scale across its estate. One of the reasons that Sainsbury's board committed to the project during a challenging economic period, was that it has been demonstrated that if done well, it delivers good returns and reduces operating costs, enabling Sainsbury's to compete in an increasingly costcompetitive market.

The collaborative development of new lighting systems has covered all the needs within supermarkets, convenience stores, distribution centres and store support centres. To date, Sainsbury's has installed around 70,000 luminaires, both as development and standalone projects, delivering a 40.4 GWh saving, while providing a highquality lit environment. By the end of this financial year, Sainsbury's will have fitted 100,000 luminaires and saved 54.6 GWh. The overall lighting electrical load reduction from £25m of investment is 56% and has achieved a payback of under five years.

Sainsbury's worked with manufacturers to develop new ambient luminaires that bias light to vertical surfaces, focusing light on shelving rather than floors. It also worked with GE / Recolight and Dextra / Dexreco to recycle fittings, totalling 80 tonnes of old lamps and louvres. This has been done by back hauling all the recycled lighting equipment in the transport that is delivering new LED lighting to site to reduce transport pollution and cost. To minimise the impact, the team developed fittings that retrofit into existing lighting carcasses, allowing the supermarket to retain 60,000 luminaire carcasses rather than having to recycle them and use new.

Project Team

With credit to:

GE Lighting
Projection Lighting

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