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CIBSE Case Study: Wilkinson Primary School, Wolverhampton - Architype with E3 Co

CIBSE Case Study: Wilkinson Primary School, Wolverhampton - Architype with E3 Co

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CIBSE Project of the Year Public Use

Recognising the new build or refurbishment of a public use building that most effectively demonstrates high levels of user satisfaction and comfort whilst delivering outstanding measured building performance.

Wilkinson Primary School, Wolverhampton - Architype with E3 Consulting

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Wilkinson Primary School suffered a devastating arson attack in 2010. However, the new school that has, quite literally, been raised from the ashes is an exemplar of sustainability and 21st Century school design, bringing delight and a safe environment to 420 pupils and their teachers.

This is Architypes most recent Passivhaus school and the product of continuous improvement and lessons learned from involvement in three previous such schools.

In construction, preference has been given to recycled and reclaimed materials to reduce the overall embodied carbon of the building.

A fabric first approach and the use of central heat recovery ventilation help reduce the heating demand to less than 10% of a conventional school.

Wilkinson Primary School operates a mixed mode ventilation strategy which means classrooms benefit from CO2 levels five times lower than regulations, aiding wellbeing and concentration. This view is supported by teacher observations of improved performance and attention of students. In the summer months the building's internal environment is maintained using a passive fabric first approach and there is no reliance on mechanical cooling except in the WC areas and kitchen.

To maintain this comfortable and productive environment a robust natural ventilation strategy is required with cross ventilation in the classrooms enhanced via attenuated air paths into the central hub. This is provided via manually opening windows and secure night vents at a reachable height so the occupants have full control; high level windows in the hall and circulation spaces are controlled by the BMS with manual override.

In winter, excellent thermal performance and exceptional air tightness with mechanical ventilation minimises the demand for heat to a single 90kW gas boiler.

A shading strategy has been developed with close collaboration between Architype and E3 Consulting Engineers to minimise summer solar gains while maximising beneficial winter solar gain and not impacting daylight levels.

Daylight dimming is used in the classroom to reduce lighting load. Daylight switching with passive infrared sensor is used in the circulation spaces to ensure the lighting is not left on when the space is adequately day lit.

Wilkinson Primary School achieved an A rated EPC without the need for renewables.

Project Team:

Building services engineer: E3 Consulting Engineers
Building owner: Wolverhampton City Council
Head teacher: Tina Gibbon
Project manager: Carillion and The Local Education Partnership
Quantity surveyor: Smith Thomas Consulting
Brief consultant: Jacobs
Architect: Architype
Interior designer: Architype / School
Mechanical / electrical engineer: Coalway
Contractor: Thomas Vale Construction
Facilities manager: School
Landscape architects: Coe Design
Structures and civil: Price & Myers

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