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CIBSE Case Study: Cundall Birmingham

CIBSE Case Study: Cundall Birmingham

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CIBSE Lighting for Building Performance Award (Joint Winner 2015)

Cundall Birmingham - Cundall Light4

Cundall Light4 created a lighting design solution for the new 700m2 office fit-out for Cundall's Birmingham office. Lighting director Andrew Bissell wanted to create a scheme that focused on the occupants, the tasks they needed to undertake, lighting control and adoption of the latest lighting guidance. The design brief focused on the staff, their needs, the tasks they undertake and where those occur. Taking a selective approach to what was lit, it provided a co-ordinated design, adopting the latest research and minimising energy consumption, and recognised the challenges posed by areas with less exposure to sunlight. Controls have been kept as simple and automated as possible and the centralised plant kept hidden.

The scheme delivers a low connected load of just over 6W/m2 for 100% light output, up to 50% more energy efficient than many standard offices. The current operating load is just under 4W/m2. Both staff morale and energy efficiency have increased and following completion of the project the refurbishment was awarded a SKA "Gold" Label. In addition, while it is common for landlords to oppose plans, or impose penalties, for fitting out an office in order to change the space back to a spec office, Cundall Light4 was able to demonstrate that the office would remain a desirable, functional and cost-effective space for a new tenant. Essentially, the landlord and agents see this space as the way forward for office lighting design.

Project Team

With credit to:

Cundall Light4
Peter Grant Architects Overbury

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