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CIBSE Case Study: Hollywood House, Woking - M&G Real Estate

CIBSE Case Study: Hollywood House, Woking - M&G Real Estate

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Refurbishment Project of the Year (value up to £5m)

Hollywood House, Woking - M&G Real Estate

Hollywood House provides proof that it can pay for a landlord to invest in green technologies by using the Building Better Partnerships Green Lease format. Could this be a winning formula for future developments?

Hollywood House has been transformed from a relatively ineffi cient, high operating cost, 1980s offi ce building to a green retrofitted, future-proof, efficient space. The use of the Building Better Partnerships Green Lease format provided a standard framework from which the landlord and tenant could work to agree long-term performance targets and unlock green initiatives.

A detailed life-cycle-costing model was used to assess and justify the increased capital spend of the proposed green interventions. This showed the project payback period to be nine to 10 years, and enabled the landlord to secure the building value by getting Skanska to sign a 10-year lease. For example, the Feed-in Tariff part of the photovoltaic (PV) installation will provide payback for the system within the 10-year tenancy period, after which the tariff and electricity from the PVs will return to the landlord.

The £3.2 m refurbishment has seen a 55% reduction in carbon, 45% reduction in energy and 55% saving on water use. The Operational Rating is reduced from G177 to C54, and the Skanska-occupied floors of Hollywood House were awarded the highest LEED score in the UK at the time (96) and were BREEAM-rated Very Good.

A post-occupancy evaluation has been commissioned to learn from the project and to inform future development and a soft landings approach has been adopted, as agreed in the Green Memorandum of Understanding, to ensure project teams can remain involved after practical completion to identify energy wastage and help the occupants gain full control of the building environmental systems.

Project Team

Building services engineer: MGDM
Building owner: M&G Real Estate
Building occupier: Skanska
Mechanical and electrical engineer: Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil
Contractor: Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil
Investment/property company: M&G Real Estate


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