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Experiential Learning Route (ELR)

The Experiential Learning Route is a route to gain Membership and Engineering Council (EngC) Registration for those applicants without the exemplifying academic qualifications.

Experiential Learning is learning which has been gained over time through a range of unstructured experience rather than formal educational programmes.  In this context it is particularly likely to have been gained through working as an Engineer and undertaking short courses etc, but it is important to note that learning can take place in other contexts arising from individuals' interests and voluntary activities.  Applicants must demonstrate that they have had the opportunity to develop and practice their knowledge and understanding of underpinning engineering principles to the required level.

  • For Registration at ACIBSE IEng level, applicants are required to demonstrate they have reached a level of knowledge and understanding equivalent to a Bachelor of Engineering and meet the Associate grade competence criteria.
  • For Registration at MCIBSE CEng level, applicants are required to demonstrate they have reached a level of knowledge and understanding equivalent to a Master of Engineering and meet the Member grade competence criteria.

The Application

Before applying online please ensure you have:

  • Your Academic Qualification Certificates (if applicable)

  • ​Your detailed CV, outlining areas of responsibility and positions held in each role.

  • Organisation Chart clearly showing your position.
  • Your Sponsor's name and email address.
  • Credit or Debit card - the £110 Application fee is payable at this stage. 

This is submitted to our Individual Case Procedure Panel who will determine if you have had the opportunity over your career to develop the level of knowledge and understanding required.

Apply online using the link below:

Application for Experiential Learning Route

The ELR and EPR Reports

Once approved to proceed, write and submit your Experiential Learning Report and Engineering Practice Report. The ELR Report must reference all of the Underpinning Knowledge and Understanding Criteria for the level of Registration you are applying for. The Engineering Practice Report must reference all of the competence criteria for the grade your are applying for.

The Interview

Once your Reports have both been approved you will be invited to attend a Professional Review Interview.  Your interview will have additional focus on the A and B competence criteria where you have the opportunity to demonstrate your technical knowledge. You should also be prepared to discuss your Experiential Learning Report as you may be required to explain your Experiential Learning in more detail. Feedback from the interview will then be sent to the next Members and Registration Panel.  On success, applicants gain ACIBSE IEng or MCIBSE CEng.


  • Application fee - payable with application. *For non-members applying, the application fee includes a CIBSE Affiliate membership valid until the end of the subscription year.
  • Report Assessment fee - payable with submission of your reports.
  • Interview fee - payable prior to your interview.
  • Subscription and EngC entry fee - payable on final approval.
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