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Information for Trainees

The Training and Development Manual for Trainees contains further information on how to join and follow your company's T&D scheme, and what is expected of you. 

Why should you join your company's T&D Scheme?

Starting the journey towards membership and registration can be a daunting task whether you are a new graduate embarking upon your career or an experienced engineer wanting to take the next step in your professional development. 

Joining a T&D Scheme gives you the benefit of a structured support system and clear process to follow. It gives you the opportunity to gather evidence throughout your career, and rather than struggling to remember projects you worked on years ago, you will have documented examples to assist you in completing your Engineering Practice Report. You will also have regular contact with a mentor who has been through the process before and should have a good understanding of the competence criteria. 

Applicants who have been part of a scheme usually find that they are ready to apply for membership at an earlier date, and that the process of applying is easier for them. 

How to Join the Scheme

Once you have registered, you will receive confirmation detailing the best route for you to obtain your desired grade of membership and registration. You should register as soon as you enrol on the scheme, and then you are ready to go!

Not sure which grade you should be aiming for? Head on over to our 'find your grade' page to view the available membership grades, or drop us an email at [email protected] with details of your qualifications.