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Daylight Past Presentations

Aperture-based Daylight Modelling (13 November 2019)

New European Standard for Daylight of Buildings - EN 17037 (30 January 2019)

The Right Light at the Right Time: Redesigning Light for Alertness, Sleep and Health (3 May 2018)

Presentation by Professor Steven Lockley.

Myopia and Daylight in Schools: a Neglected Aspect of Public Health? (3 May 2018)

Presentation by Dr Richard Hobday

WELL & Daylight; CBDM & Health (21 March 2018)

Climate-Based Daylight Modelling (CBDM) for Health & Wellbeing

The WELL Building Standard ver 1 – The Daylight Requirements

Q & A

Daylight within planning guidance in London (20 September 2017)


Q and A


Smart glazing: The future of glass architecture? (14 June 2017)

Presentation by Ruth Kelly Waskett of De Montford University at the National Gallery, London.

This century has seen the advent of a new generation of smart glazing materials, whose tint can be varied as and when needed. With the benefits of a dynamic shading system minus the moving parts, they represent an exciting development, particularly for highly glazed buildings. Could these materials enable us to leave blinds and external shading devices behind

Ruth gave an overview of the main types of smart glazing that are currently available and explained some of the key technical features and considerations for future applications. She also described her recently completed study of electrochromic glazing at De Montfort University.  

Automated Solar Shading Devices (14 June 2017)

Presentation by Rob Booth (Velux) at the National Gallery, London.

The Right Kind of Daylight (29 March 2017)

Presentation by Pavlina Akritas from Arup at The British Academy, London.   The talk examined the design considerations and challenges of the introduction of daylight into museums, identifying the systems that are appropriate for each gallery space and paying particular attention to the geographic location of the buildings but also the requirements of the client, the end users and the facilities manager. 

The New European Standard for Daylight in Buildings - A Brighter Future? (23 November 2016)

Presentation by Professor John Mardaljevic of Loughborough University and Jens Christoffersen of Velux.
Download the presentation here (2MB PDF)

Temporal influencers on glare response (19 October 2016)

Presentations by Associate Professor Sergio Altomonte and Dr Michael Kent both from the University of Nottingham, on Wednesday 19th October 2016.

Part 1

Part 2

Climate-Based Daylight Modelling: The What, the Why and the How (10 February 2016)

Presentation by Eleonora Brembilla and Professor John Mardaljevic, both from Loughborough University, held at Arup, 13 Fitzroy Street, London.

Part 1

Part 2

SLL Lighting for the Built Environment Guide LG10: Daylighting - a guide for designers (20 January 2016)

Presentation by Ruth Kelly Waskett of DeMontfort University, at the Gary Wilson Library, Southwark Cathedral, London.

Assessing new methods for daylight prediction (25 November 2015)

Joint paper by Dr Cosmin Ticleanu and Dr Paul Littlefair, explaining their research into metrics for daylight calculation, that resulted in the BRE (Building Research Establishment) report ‘Metrics for Daylight Calculation’.

Part 1

Part 2

Colour of Daylight Indoors (14 October 2015)

Presentation by Joe Lynes