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About the Group

The CIBSE Healthcare Group aims to improve the performance of Healthcare buildings by increasing awareness amongst all building professionals and supporting the implementation of relevant Standards and legislation aimed at improving the effective use of Healthcare Buildings.


Terms of Reference

  • Help CIBSE members become aware of the building services systems for hospitals, clinics etc.
  • Encourage best practice in the deployment of existing technologies.
  • Keep members aware of the latest developments in new technologies and the use of renewable fuels.
  • Provide authoritative, accurate and independent information.
  • Influence policy and respond to consultations.
  • Keep CIBSE members aware of market conditions and Government initiatives related to Healthcare.
  • Encourage links with other institutions and organisations.
From the institutions Royal Charter, the institutions objectives are:
  • The promotion for the benefit of the public in general of the art, science and practice of such engineering services as are associated with the built environment and with industrial processes, such art, science and practice being hereinafter called "building services engineering"; and,
  • The advancement of education and research in building services engineering, and the publication of the useful results of such research.