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HTM 03-01 Parts A and B rewrite consultation process.


In December 2018 NHSi set out the scope for a revision of HTM 03-01 this document was based on a limited investigation of available information/research and formal and informal submissions from interested parties. An initial meeting was held in early May attended by invited people including some professional institutions; one being CIBSE.

The CIBSE Healthcare group held a committee meeting in early June, the committee decided in line with the institutions charter to hold a one day meeting on 25th July 2019 to outline topics and issues needing resolution by a revised HTM 03-01, followed by a break out session for the members to provide their input and thoughts on how the HTM can be improved to better meet the needs of the patients and staff working in medical facilities. These being sorted and incorporated into the formal CIBSE response to NHSi in August 2019, these available for Download below.

The main topics covered at the beginning of the one-day meeting by various speakers included:

  • New Technologies,
  • Design,
  • Maintenance,
  • Energy and sustainability,
  • Installation and delivery.

Healthcare Group Outputs

  • Collate the discussions and notes from the members,
  • Submit this document for the consideration of NHSi,
  • Post on CIBSE website,
  • For these documents to be made available for open access by all CIBSE members and interested parties.

The following are applicable to the NHSi Scoping document:

Download CIBSE Response to Consultation on Revision of HTM-03 (August 2019)

HTM 03-01 Technical Engagement Phase

The long-awaited rewrite of HTM-03 has now been published for wider consultation and engagement.
The CIBSE Healthcare Group have been requested to share the new documents with CIBSE members and interested parties.  Use the following links to download the Draft Part A and B:

The following downloads may also be useful for comparison, when making comments and suggestions on the draft rewrite of the HTM:


Comments are now invited which should be submitted no later than 10th January 2020.

Please feel free to share with a wider audience within your own organisation and others who may be interested.

It is understood that NHSi consider the document ‘complete’ for consultation.

Please note as with the earlier scoping document the Healthcare Group have submitted comments and suggestions only. The main objective of the Steering Group is to ensure that the new HTM-03 reflects current best practice guidance for healthcare ventilation and is ‘fit for purpose’, therefore this is your opportunity to provide your own suggestions and comments.

Comments and suggestions should be provided by Wednesday 8 January 2020, to enable your comments and suggestions to be distributed within the committee and then forwarded to NHS England and NHS Improvement (the new name for NHSi).

To aid this process, please use the CIBSE Healthcare Group Commenting Template sample and return to

Other Downloads

The Group committee welcomes comments and suggestions particularly for documents marked as draft, the Group also welcomes ideas and help for any guidance or other outputs that meet the platforms objectives.