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Healthcare Publications

The CIBSE Healthcare Group provides information on Healthcare Engineering Services including guidance documents, consultation responses and past event presentations.  These can be found on the Healthcare Group Downloads page.   

The Healthcare arena has a wide range of publications that can help the designer in achieving a high standard of building delivery.  Many of the publications can assist the building developer define a standard required for any new Healthcare development.  Healthcare Private Finance Initiative (PFI), ProCure22 and Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) projects etc. use these publications to define the specifications see web page links. 

You may obtain most of the publications from "The Stationery Office" (TSO) or in some cases through the GOV.UK Portal.

Please note that many Healthcare design projects use Room Data Sheets and the Activity Database (ADB) as the source of design criteria.

The requirements for healthcare buildings including engineering services are defined by Health Building Notes (HBNs) and Health Technical  Memoranda (HTMs) and other Department of Health & Social Care (DoH&SC) publications, these are effectively codes of practice as defined for example in HTM 00:2014 clause 1.3, where derogations are proposed these should also meet the requirements of HTM 00:2014 clause 1.4, namely “….organisations should document how the expectations are being met by equal and alternative means.” 

The devolved nations also have many publications these can be accessed through the web links page.
The former range of NHS Specifications "Model Engineering Specifications" (MES) have widely been archived and replaced.  The specifications are now imbedded in the "National Engineering Specification" (NES).