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The School Design Group have published many documents over the years, with a selection of the most recent linked below. 

Much of the information has been collated in TM57: Integrated School Design, published in 2015, which is available free to CIBSE members.

SDG Bulletins:

Bulletin 1 16-March-2010

Bulletin 2 16-March-2010

Bulletin 3 09-June-2010

Bulletin 4 01-09-2011


Bridging the gap between predicted and actual energy performance in schools: pdf

Quantifying the performance of natural ventilation windcatchers: pdf

Novel ventilation systems for school buildings: pdf

Trying to have it all - school design: pdf

Adapt of suffer: pdf

Modelling the impact of changes to energy standards in Scottish building regulations: pdf

Carbon Trust: School design: pdf

The development of regulatory compliance tools for ventilation and overheating: pdf