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HCNE Past Presentations

​​CIBSE HCNE: Online seminar on Introduction to BMS (Part Two), delivered by Andrew McKenna of Global Associates on Tuesday 23 February 2021. Scroll down for Part One.

​CIBSE HCNE and SPACES Annual Event. Online seminar on Latest Developments with the Building Safety Bill, delivered by Dr Hywel Davies on Tuesday 8 December 2020.

CIBSE HCNE. Webinar on Heat Network Design Considerations, by Bosch UK on 24 November 2020.

Download Presentation (2MB)

CIBSE HCNE CPD Presentation. Online session: Introduction to BMS (Part One), delivered by Andrew McKenna, Operations Director at Global Associates, on 26 October 2020.

CIBSE HCNE CPD Presentation. Webinar on System Control, Data Acquisition and Smart Buildings, by E&I Engineering, on 26 May 2020
Download Presentation (30MB)

CIBSE HCNE CPD Presentation on "Energy Management and Power Quality", by Socomec, on 22 October 2019
Download Presentation (13.7MB)

CIBSE HCNE CPD Presentation on "Wind Design for Building Enclosures", on 24 September 2019
Download Presentation (5MB)

CIBSE HCNER CPD Presentation on “Building Energy Management System – BEMS Simplified”, 28th May 2019
Download Presentation (1,100KB)

CIBSE HCNER CPD Presentation on “The Art of Commissioning”, 22nd January 2019
Download Presentation (1,201 KB)

CIBSE HCNE CPD presentation relating to “Creating a Cable Pathway through a Building, 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations”- 20th November 2018
Download Presentation (3,181 KB)

HCNE and HCSE / Sudlows CPD presentation relating to “Practical Lessons from Data Centre Design and Testing” -  23rd October 2018
Download Presentation (2,471 KB)

CIBSE HCNE and Burnell on "Switchgear Type Tested Assemblies" - 21st March 2018
Download Presentation (6 MB)

CIBSE HCNE and Andrews Water Heaters on "Types of Hot Water Generation" - 21st February 2018
Download Presentation (5 MB)

CIBSE HCNE and DIALux technical presentation on "Designing and building lighting projects in a smart and digital way" - 4th July 2017
Download Presentation (2.2 MB)

CIBSE HCNE technical Presentation on “Energy Management Systems with Building Services” - 27th June 2017
Download Presentation (997 KB)

CIBSE HCNE and Trilux technical presentation “Overview of the Recent Updates to LG7 and LG6” - 24th January 2017
Download Presentation (5.4 MB)

CIBSE HCNE and Emerson Network Power "The Changes in Uninterruptable Power Supplies due to semiconductor developments and impact on mechanical design" technical presentation - 15th November 2016.
Download Presentation (4 MB)

Transferable Lessons in Tier Based Design, CPD Technical Presentation - 25th October 2016
Download Presentation (4 MB)

Enrique Palomares and Anton Joseph on Transformer Application and Compliance to EU Directive - 5th April 2016
Download Presentation (13,279 KB)

HCNE AGM - April 2016

CIBSE HCNER AGM Minutes of Meeting and Report
Download Presentation (49 KB)

CIBSE HCNER Elections and Adoptions Schedule
Download Presentation (18 KB)

Friedrich W. Bremecker on DIALux evolighting design software 
Download Presentation (1.4 MB)

The Non-Domestic RHI - 27th May 2014
Anoushé Husain: DECC Download Presentation (541 KB)
Simon Mitchell: Commercial Biomass Download Presentation (985 KB)

Peter Kinsella on Global Challenges; Global Solutions - 8th May 2014
Download Presentation (2.2 MB)

Ant Wilson on Building Regulations Part L 2013 for England - 1st May 2014
Download Presentation (7MB PDF)

Richard Collman on Noise Law and Guidance - 28th January 2014
Download Presentation (2.8MB PDF)

Hywel Davies on Legislation - 19 November 2013
Download Presentation (1.5MB PDF)

Andrew Geens on The Green Deal - 22 October 2013
Download Presentation (1.7MB PDF)

Gary Ross on Information flow through the whole construction process - 2nd July 2013
Download Presentation (2.3MB PDF)

Breathing Buildings - 21 May 2013
Download Presentation (1.5MB PDF)

Building Management Systems: Friend or Foe? - 26 March 2013
Download Presentation (300KB PDF)

Data Centre Standards, Energy Efficiency and Risk - 26 February 2013
Download Presentation (2MB PDF)

The phasing out of BS 6700 & A review of the requirements of BS EN 806 - 27 November 2012
Download Presentation (500KB PDF)

Light and Lighting - Lighting of workplaces: Part 1: Indoor work places - 16 October 2012
Download Presentation (1MB PDF)

Coolphase - 25 September 2012
Download Presentation (2MB PDF)

London 2012 - Energy and Sustainability at the Olympic - 3 July 2012 (3 presentations)
Download London 2012 Presentation - Buro Happold (1MB PDF)
Download Lighting London 2012 - Mike Simpson (3.2MB PDF)
Download London 2012 Olympic Park Energy and Sustainability - Holly Knight (2.3MB PDF)

An overview of the requirements and the methods available for achieving and maintaining acceptable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - June 2012
Download Presentation (1MB PDF)

Reducing your Total Building Emissions using High Efficiency Energy Recovery - 22 May 2012
Download Presentation (1.5MB PDF)

HCNE AGM - April 2012

David Fisk
CIBSE President David Fisk

CIBSE President Professor David Fisk in full flow

Gary Mann inspects the CIBSE Sustainability Guide L under the watchful eyes of Professor Fisk

CIBSE President Professor David Fisk and HCNE Vice Chairman John Coleman in debate

Discussions over wine and cheese

More lively discussions after even more wine!

Outgoing CIBSE HCNE Hon. Chairman John Coleman (left), New HCNE Hon. Chairman Robert Diamond (centre) and HCNE Hon. Secretary James Bourne (right)

What does 'SPACE' mean to the building services engineer? - 20 March 2012

Download Presentation (700KB PDF)

Legal Aspects of Building Services  - 28 February 2012
Download Presentation (3MB PDF)

Lighting Guide 5: Lighting in Education - 24 January 2012
Download Presentation (3MB PDF)

Multiple Burner Technology in Condensing Boilers and Biomass Boilers - 25 October 2011

Asset ratings and TM22 - 17 June 2008

Energy in Planning - 22  May 2008
Download Presentation (700KB PDF file)

EcoHomes and Energy Centres - 23 May 2006
Download Presentation (208KB PDF file)

EcoHomes considers the broad environment concerns of climate change, resource use and impact on wildlife. These are balanced against the need for a high quality of life and a safe & healthy internal environment. Sarah Graham, Senior Sustainability Engineer (URS Corporation), enlarged on the seven categories of assessment as well as community heating and CHP.