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1 March 2016: HCNW Region AGM and Invitation for Committee Nominations

If you're a CIBSE Member in HCNW Region, we draw your attention to the HCNW AGM - the Region's Annual General Meeting - which with this appropriate notice, will be held in the evening of 7 April 2016.

We would welcome CIBSE HCNW Members attending what promises to be a very special evening at the Swedenborg Hall - a larger venue than last year, to encourage networking.

Thanks to the donation of speaker fees, there will be some live music too as well as Phil Jones' seminar on CHP and District Heating.

You can book for the HCNW Region AGM here on Eventbrite - you will need a ticket for this event.

HCNW runs open elections, there is no pre-ordained committee. To vote on the night, you need to be a CIBSE Member (LCIBSE, ACIBSE - Associate, MCIBSE or FCIBSE) who has chosen HCNW Region. If you're unsure which Region you're in, or wish to change your choice of Region, please email

The Region invites nominations for election to the HCNW Committee, its volunteers run the Region and delivered our wide, varied - and often industry-leading - programme of events for under £7 per HCNW Member per year - amazing value. 

Nominations are also open for our advisory committee HCNW Classic.
If you're in HCNW Region and to nominate yourself, or another HCNW Member with his or her agreement, please email   with appropriate contact details.