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12 October 2015: HCNW Membership Survey


HCNW is grateful to those who completed the survey with a chance to win a ticket to the Rumford Dinner.


The raffle winners will be chosen by a leading CIBSE figure. In no particular order, here are some of the answers to the Tiebreak Question "...
My CIBSE Region is important to me and my community of practice because...

"...I attend CIBSE meetings for CPD updates and to network"

"...I appreciate the opportunity to meet and socialise with individuals who are passionate about engineering and are prepared to sacrifice their free time to share and further their knowledge for the engineering cause for no financial reward."

"...It gives me the tools to have a successful career."

"...History has proven that societies advance due to the sharing of knowledge and evidence. Bringing people together from all areas of the industry is a steping stone to achieve this shared knowledge."

"...It facilitates knowledge transfer, high industry standards, and good social opportunities."

"...It gives me a opportunity to find out what is going on in our industry and the wider circle."

"...It provides a real & tangible link to like-minded people for the exchange of knowledge and ideas."

"...Gives the opportunity to grow professionally and personally."

"...Meeting professionals with similar passions and sharing the knowledge in a local community"